22 Squadron RAAF, Douglas Boston, World War 2



22 Squadron RAAF, Douglas Boston, World War 2

New Guinea, 1943

No. 22 Squadron was the only Australian combat unit to operate the Boston and one of its pilots, Bill Newton, received a VC for his action while flying this early model.

The squadron was equipped with the Bostons during the early desperate months of 1942. Their aircraft had been built for the RAF but reassigned to the Dutch in the East Indies who urgently required modern aircraft. When the East Indies (Java) fell to the Japanese, the undelivered Bostons were diverted to 22 Squadron. Before deploying to the frontline, the aircraft were converted to ‘strafers’ with the fitted of heavy machine guns in the nose.

Flight Lieutenant Bill Newton flew A24-7 on a mission against Salamaua on 16 March 1943. He drove his attack home with such determination that the aircraft was badly damaged and returned to base on one engine. He again attacked Salamaua on the 18 March while flying A28-3. Over the target his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire and he was force to ditch. He and his surviving crew member were capture and later killed by the Japanese. For his actions during these two missions, Newton was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Framed RAAF Aircraft Print

This artwork was prepared with the help of Mark Harbour and is based on his in-depth research into Boston operations during WW2.

Lithographic Artprint (code P0026)

Framed aviation lithographic prints from the studio of Juanita Franzi (Aero Illustrations).

Frame size 53 x 40 cm. made from solid timber, finished in black.

Image size 40 x 27 cm (visible).

Unbreakable acrylic glass, that can be cleaned with a plastic polish.

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